hook lift dump bed

Operating a Hydraulic Hooklift: Easy Does It!

The ease and speed with which drivers can pick-up and drop-off containers and other truck bodies with a hydraulic hooklift-equipped chassis make these systems attractive to waste haulers, municipalities, contractors and many others.

Taking Control: The 3 Types Of Cab Controls For Hooklift Operations

So, which cab control system is optimal? With fewer moving parts, electric controls may get a slight nod by some for reliability. That said, they’re the most expensive. What’s more, they don’t allow “feathering” or controlling the load by fingertip adjustments.

Load-Holding Safety Engineering for Hydraulic Hooklift Systems

Unlike operating levers which are located outside on the chassis and next to cables and winches, hooklift controls are mounted inside the cab and away from moving machinery. For drivers, this minimizes the risk of injury. For fleet owners, it reduces the occurrence of worker’s compensation claims that can result from such hazards.

Roll-Off Hoists or Hooklift Systems for Trucks: What’s the Difference?

Among most cities, waste haulers, contractors and other users, the advantages of roll-off hoists and hooklift systems for trucks are well known. But those who are new to hauling might not know the difference between roll-off hoists and hooklift systems. Let this article be their guide.


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