Hooklift AMP 160-212-20-PA – 50,000 Pounds

Production Description

The only hook loader sold in the USA with dual pivot, articulating/sliding jib with the benefits of both designs.

Technical Features

  • Combination Sliding and Articulating Jib Design
  • Reduction of Loading Angle with the Articulating Jib
  • Greater Range of Container Lengths
  • Optimized Equipment Height
  • End-of-stroke Damper Integrated into the arm cylinders.
  • Customization: color on demand and wide range of accessories.
  • Shot Blasting and Painting before assembly
  • The Marrel Tilting Frame provides unmatched lifting capacity
  • Sliding Jib gives you greater range of body lengths and optimal weight distribution.
  • Twin Pivot allows you to dump a uniform pile of material.
  • Dual Cylinders gives greater stability while dumping and loading.
  • Safely operated from the drivers seat.
  • Dock Level loading and unloading.
  • Double your payload by pulling another body on a trailer.
  • Maneuverable to operate, the container can be loaded within a 60 degree arc.
  • Spot the container exactly were you want it, by pushing it into place with no damage.
  • Quickly loads a body in less than one minute.
  • Investment that will outlast your truck, Amplirolls® will last over 25 years.
  • Meets all highway safety standards.