Recommended Hydraulic Pressures for Truck Hooklift Systems

Judging by the number of concerns raised by operators of hooklift-equipped trucks, there seems to be considerable disinformation circulating in the field as to recommended hydraulic pressures for hook loaders.

Hook & Rol lArm Completely retractedOne such assertion is that 3,500 PSI system pressure is low and somehow insufficient. It’s not low, and the statement is not true.

What’s accurate, however, is that a 3,500 PSI system pressure is indeed lower than that of the 5,000 PSI systems many hooklift manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas are now transitioning to.

Why the greater PSI? Higher pressures reduce hydraulic system operating temperatures and cut hooklift loader weights. The truth is that a hook loader operating at 5,000 PSI is much more efficient than one running at 3,500 PSI or less.

But, is a 3,500 PSI hooklift system more compatible than higher-pressure alternatives? No, compatibility is not an issue for 3,500 PSI hookifts nor is it a concern with 5,000 PSI systems. Both types require secondary reliefs to be compatible with the auxiliary equipment commonly used with hooklifts. This equipment includes plows, sanders and water tankers.

All that said, here’s one truth of which operators should be aware: If contemplating a knuckle-boom crane or other equipment requiring high-pressure hydraulics (i.e. 5,000 PSI) for your hooklift system, a low-pressure set-up is not compatible. Those starting with a 3,500 PSI system, for example, would require a complete redesign of the pump and its valving.

Bottom line? There’s no right — or wrong — hydraulic pressure for a hook loader. When considering the purchase of a hooklift system for your business or municipality, don’t buy into the argument that 3,500 PSI is low pressure. It’s sufficient for most operations, if not quite as efficient as newer 5,000 PSI systems.

Of course, you also don’t want to accept that 3,500 PSI is somehow more compatible with hook loader auxiliary equipment. Whether you choose to go low pressure or high pressure, you just need your accessories to operate at the same level!

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