Centrally located in Chesapeake, Virginia, the Environmental Equipment Group is dedicated to “Making the world a cleaner place.” They underscore this commitment by carrying the nation’s leading lines of waste management equipment—including Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklifts.

Municipalities and businesses rely on the company to address their liquid and solid waste disposal needs with new, custom-built and used vehicles including:

  • Cable loaders
  • Front-loaders
  • Packers
  • Side loaders
  • Waste grapples


Recommending Ampliroll-brand Hydraulic Hooklifts

When customers request a hook loader, the Environmental Equipment Group installs Ampliroll Hooklift Systems. These products bring many benefits to those in the waste management industry, including:

  • Advanced Technology: For reasons of greater performance, the pumps in Ampliroll Hooklifts operate at 5,000 psi. The choice of 75% of hook loader manufacturers in America and around the world, these higher-pressure systems are rapidly taking the place of less-efficient, low-pressure (i.e., 3,000-3,500 psi) alternatives.
  • Enhanced Safety: Drivers of Ampliroll-equipped rigs operate all controls from the safety of the cab—not outdoors and next to moving machinery as they would with a cable loader. This set-up minimizes the operator’s risk of working on slippery snow or ice-covered ground. They help fleet managers reduce their exposure to costly worker’s compensation claims, too!
  • Extra Efficiency: Fleet managers relying on Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklifts often report more loads per day. Drivers don’t have to leave the cab to hook and unhook heavy cables. What’s more, exacting and time-consuming truck alignment is not necessary. The operator may approach a container from any angle within a 60-degree arc.
  • Faster Load Handing: With Ampliroll-brand equipment, the maximum dump angle is almost 20% greater than conventional roll-offs. Drivers can pick up or set down a container at loading-dock heights. In addition, containers can be pushed and spotted more accurately, with no chance of damaging the container front.


Serving the greater Hampton Roads area and beyond

An offshoot of Maryland Industrial Trucks of Linthicum, Maryland, the Environmental Equipment Group is a full-service resource for those in the waste management industry. They offer an extensive parts inventory and expert heavy-duty truck service as well as new, custom-built and used vehicles.

For sales, service and parts for liquid and solid waste disposal equipment, visit them at:

Environmental Equipment Group

3740 Cook Blvd.

Chesapeake, VA 23323


Phone the company at 757-956-5230. Working hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-5:00 pm. They are also on-call as needed. Those in the waste industry are invited to contact them for after-hours service.


For selection, savings and service, make Ampliroll your first choice in hooklift systems

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems are manufactured by Marrel – the inventor of the dual-pivot hook loader in 1969 and first again in bringing them to users across the U.S. in 1980. Today, Ampliroll is the only supplier in the U.S.A. of premier hook loader systems and associated equipment.


Unlike many others, we also offer a complete selection of truck-mounted accessories and roll-on/off bodies that we can supply as a package with our hook loaders, allowing for single-source acquisition! Select from aerial lifts, cranes, grapple systems and more. Also choose from cement mixers, dump bodies, flatbeds, septic pumpers, waste containers, water tankers and other interchangeable bodies. In addition, you can select from our line of high-quality pre-owned hooklift vehicles.