Operating a Hydraulic Hooklift: Easy Does It!

hook lift dump bedThe ease and speed with which drivers can pick-up and drop-off containers and other truck bodies with a hydraulic hooklift-equipped chassis make these systems attractive to waste haulers, municipalities, contractors and many others.

No special training is needed. All that’s required is a conscientious, hard-working truck driver of the type you probably already have on staff or is otherwise reasonably easy to find.

A Simple 4-Step Process

  1. To pick-up a container from the ground, the driver backs the truck toward it. Admittedly, practice will make perfect with this task because positioning the rig — and its hydraulic arm — the proper distance from the truck body takes a little getting used to.
  2. When the truck is properly positioned, the driver switches on the power take-off using the in-cab controls. The driver then lowers the hydraulic arm and latches it onto the container with the hook.
  3. Once the container is secured, the driver activates the two main hydraulic cylinders. These pull the container onto the chassis and lock it securely into position.
  4. Next, the driver turns off the hydraulic hooklift power take-off using the in-cab controls and drives away.

The Benefits of Speed and Safety

Elapsed time? From reverse-to-park-to-lift-to-drive? Usually less than a minute! Later, the hooklift system’s container drop-off operation is similarly efficient.

Most drivers never leave their cab — eliminating the time it otherwise takes to step out and climb in as with cable loaders. They also avoid any outside exposure to moving machinery or inclement weather. So, safety and comfort is enhanced.

Meanwhile, the fleet operator benefits from a quick operation. More loads can be handled over the course of a day or week. And, because the risk of driver injury is reduced, so is the potential for worker’s compensation claims.

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