Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Hooklifts and Trucks

Most hooklift systems are built to deliver years of dependable service. Of course, any type of equipment needs proper care and maintenance. This is especially true during the oncoming winter months when freezing temperatures put an extra strain on performance. Here are some hooklift and chassis maintenance tips that will help keep you up and running:

  1. Check the hydraulic valves. Problems occur when valves become blocked with debris. You’ll avoid hooklift downtime with regular oil changes and greasing. Of course, larger-size hooklift units may have built-in lubrication systems that perform the task on an automated
  2. Check the weldments holding the hook system to the chassis which are always subject to cracking in normal operations, especially in off-road applications. Close inspection will reveal small hairline cracks that can be repaired before they become major failure points.
  3. Keep equipment clean. Regular cleaning of your hooklift trucks has two benefits. You minimize the possibility of clogged valves. A clean lift system also makes for easier visual inspections. As a bonus, a clean hooklift truck identifies your operation as professional!
  4. Trust your ears. Turn off the radio and listen carefully to your hooklift system for unusual noises when in operation. Your goal? Identifying potential problems. You’ll save time and money by addressing minor repairs early before they become major ones.

Of course, the best hooklift maintenance program will do you no good if the truck you depend on is out of service. Avoid downtime with regular commercial vehicle maintenance.

Most of these check points are obvious. But, given the expense of an out-of-service vehicle, you’ll want to give this list a once over to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything important:

  • Maintain your battery. Cold starts are notoriously tough on engines. Be prepared for winter with a fresh
  • Replace your wiper blades. While you’re at it, ensure good visibility in bad weather by topping off your washer fluid and inspecting all
  • Inspect your tires: You’ll need the best traction possible on slick or snowy roads. So, if the treads don’t have sufficient depth, get a new set of
  • Check your antifreeze. If in doubt as to its strength, get it tested. Also, be sure to check the coolant reservoir
  • Clean your fuel injector. Using a fuel injector cleaner can prevent cold-weather performance issues related to your truck’s fuel
  • Keep diesels running strong. If operating one, maintain a close eye on your diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels. Also, consider an additive if fuel-line “gelling”

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