Under pressure to keep rates low in the face of rising energy costs, infrastructure updates and severe weather, electric utilities are looking to roll-off trucks for cost savings.

When matched with interchangeable truck bodies, a single cab and chassis with a hoist can do the work of several purpose-built vehicles.

What’s more, utilities are discovering that hook loaders like Ampliroll are a better solution than cable-loader alternatives for roll-offs. Take a moment to examine why…


Consider the benefits of safety and efficiency that Ampliroll brings to your operation.

Select a hooklift like Ampliroll over a cable hoist for your electric utility and you will:

  • Enjoy greater safety for drivers: Cable-loader drivers have to climb down from the cab and walk over ground that’s often rough, rain-slick or snowy to attach and detach heavy cables. But not Ampliroll operators. With cab-mounted controls, all of these potential pitfalls are eliminated.
  • Reduce fleet operator liability: With Ampliroll Hooklifts, there’s no bending over to hook up cables. There’s no standing next to moving machinery to operate a cable-loader’s truck-side controls either. So, you can breathe easier regarding costly worker’s compensation claims.
  • Gain greater efficiency when loading: Cable-hoist operators have to line up loads precisely. Not so with Ampliroll operators. They can engage a roll-off up to 60° off-center. Loading and unloading become faster. Easier, too, for new drivers who you may be breaking in.


Discover a dozen ways Ampliroll Hooklifts give utilities the power to do more.

Mount an Ampliroll Hydraulic Hooklift on a single cab-and-chassis. Your electric utility can match it with these roll-offs:

  1. Auxiliary lighting bodies
  2. Cable reel transport bodies
  3. Disaster command center roll-offs
  4. Emergency electric transformers
  5. Flatbed bodies for equipment transportation
  6. Flatbed bodies with aerial buckets
  7. Mobile offices
  8. Portable enclosed workshops
  9. Power generation roll-offs
  10. Utility construction bodies
  11. Utility maintenance bodies
  12. Van bodies for equipment storage


For selection, savings and service, make Ampliroll your first choice in hooklift systems.

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems are manufactured by Marrel – the inventor of the dual-pivot hook loader in 1969 and first again in bringing them to users across the U.S. in 1980. Today, Ampliroll is the only supplier in the U.S.A. of premier hook loader systems and associated equipment.

Unlike many others, we also offer a complete selection of truck-mounted accessories and roll-on/off bodies that we can supply as a package with our hook loaders, allowing for single-source acquisition! Select from aerial lifts, cranes, grapple systems and more. Also choose from cement mixers, dump bodies, flatbeds, septic pumpers, waste containers, water tankers and other interchangeable bodies. In addition, you can select from our line of high-quality pre-owned hooklift vehicles.