During a time when fleet managers often have to compete for qualified hires, it pays to consider the views of the drivers who’ll eventually take the wheel. What motivates them to sign up? What encourages them to stay on?

Experienced drivers are likely to know the advantages of Ampliroll and other hooklifts over cable loaders in roll-off operations. But for those who are just getting started, the benefits of Ampliroll to drivers can be easily explained.


Easier operation: Advantage Ampliroll

No truck driver signs on to a new job seeking to avoid work. But it’s only natural they’d want to cut back on difficult, extra or even unnecessary effort.

With its outdoor, truck-side-mounted controls and strenuous hookups, cable hoists promise a long, hard workday. Less so with Ampliroll. The hook loader’s controls are mounted inside the cab. Roll-off hookups (and drop-offs) require no manual labor.


Enhanced safety: Advantage Ampliroll

Is rain or snow in the forecast? If yes, so is extra risk for cable loader drivers. Truck steps become slippery. The ground turns slick. And every cable attachment to a roll-off brings a new chance of a slip and fall.

Ampliroll drivers breathe easier. They work without risk, within the comfortable confines of the cab. And they never have to manhandle heavy, greasy cables—often while bent over and in awkward positions at the point of attachment to a roll-off.


Less frustration: Advantage Ampliroll

Every pick-up is a challenge to a cable hoist operator. When loading, the stingers of the truck’s rails must be in near-perfect alignment with the front wheels of the roll-off. That’s time-consuming for any driver. It’s especially frustrating for new hires.

With hooklifts from Ampliroll, such fussy perfection is not part of the job description. Drivers can engage roll-off truck bodies or containers up to 30° off center.


Greater satisfaction: Advantage Ampliroll

With Ampliroll, drivers spend more time doing what they enjoy most: driving. Drop-offs and hookups take about two minutes. That’s a fraction of the time required with cable system alternatives.

Why? Among other things, consider that Ampliroll Hooklifts enable drivers to position drop-offs more accurately than cable loaders. That’s a time-saver in tight areas like driveways and parking lots. And a job done right the first time is one more source of satisfaction.


For selection, savings and service, make Ampliroll your first choice in hooklift systems.

Ampliroll Hooklift Systems are manufactured by Marrel – the inventor of the dual-pivot hook loader in 1969 and first again in bringing them to users across the U.S. in 1980. Today, Ampliroll is the only supplier in the U.S.A. of premier hook loader systems and associated equipment.

Unlike many others, we also offer a complete selection of truck-mounted accessories and roll-on/off bodies that we can supply as a package with our hook loaders, allowing for single-source acquisition! Select from aerial lifts, cranes, grapple systems and more. Also choose from cement mixers, dump bodies, flatbeds, septic pumpers, waste containers, water tankers and other interchangeable bodies. In addition, you can select from our line of high-quality pre-owned hooklift vehicles.